Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I Added Dorothy Gale to My Blog Description, I Meant Rainbows, Not Tornadoes

A week or so ago, I opted to change my blog’s name.  I incorporated the concept of Dorothy’s wistful warbling of blue skies and other such treasures lying just beyond the rainbow to acknowledge the dreamer in me.  I gave no thought at the time to the method by which she was transported over said rainbow.  Little did I know I’d soon find myself attempting to draft this latest entry while hunkered down in the bathtub in my interior bathroom, hoping to be a bit less Dorothy-like. 
I’ve actually never done that before.  Maybe the close call my parents and Riley had on New Year’s Eve still has me a little spooked.  Whatever the reason, this one had the hair standing up on the back of my neck for a few there.  The pressure in the house felt…off, and when the wind and rain (hail?) came blasting through, the sound of the latest branch heaving itself onto my roof about made me jump out of my skin. 
Naturally, I was still giving the play-by-play on Facebook.  For a moment, I had a vision of clinging tightly to my laptop, trying to post one last status update, while getting sucked up into a funnel cloud.  It’s times like these I have no choice but to acknowledge my complete and utter dorkiness. 
Fortunately, the worst seems to have passed.  Pringle and I are back on the bed, and I’m now feeling a bit of mild irritation at the realization that it will still be a long while before I can relax and drift off to sleep.  So much for six solid hours of sleep and hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. 
Ahh, well, in the meantime, I’ll share some of the smiles the weekend sent my way:
  • Learning how to integrate all my new software.  (Outlook notwithstanding – I’ll do battle with it some other day.)
  • Enjoying Margarita Friday with Di and Jane.
  • Hearing about how well Riley’s continuing to hit in softball and realizing how much she’s matured in recent months.
  • Attending another fun trivia night with friends.  (With apologies for my “Big” and “Stephen Spielberg” mis-steps.)
  • Vodka Gummies.
  • Finally getting Riley’s room straightened up…again.
  • Having the windows open.
  • Listening to Stevie Wonder’s “You Can Feel It All Over” (or, I guess it’s actually called “Sir Duke” – never knew that) on the way home from my folks this evening – can’t help but get happy and peppy when you hear that one.
  • Not getting sucked up into a ‘nado or smooshed by a branch.

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