Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Myth of the Finite Pie

I've heard this phrase before, this notion or myth of a "finite pie," though typically in relation to financial or economic discussions.  It occurred to me, moments ago, as I took a break from my semi-busy Saturday to pray for a friend's injured son, that I've often bought into this myth in relation to prayer: that it's finite; that I can use it up, so I'd best choose my prayers carefully.  

In fairness, humility is a positive trait, as are restraint and moderation. And certainly, a reluctance to treat prayer like a wishing well or gumball machine isn't a bad thing.  But it's starting to sink in - how silly it is to ascribe my limitations to the God of the Universe. I realize I do that a lot. And in doing so, I'm subconsciously attempting to make Him in my image, rather than recognizing that the reverse is what is true.  

I know this, but I'm learning to know this: That it's okay to pray for things both big and small. He's got this.