Friday, August 31, 2012

The Measure of One's Success

I started to post a little post about this to Twitter and Facebook, then realized I couldn't quite fit all I wanted to say into 140 characters.  Thank goodness for blogs!  

So, here's what I wanted to say (with apologies to those who've heard this from me before):  "It's A Wonderful Life" is my all-time favorite movie.  (Stop rolling your eyes -- how can you not love Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey?!)  At the end, George looks down and finds that his angel, Clarence, has left him a copy of "Tom Sawyer."  Inscribed in it are these words: "Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings, Love Clarence."

The best thing to me about my birthday is that it reminds me that my life is a smashing success.  I am so very blessed to call each and every one of you "friend."  Thank you.