Friday, March 15, 2013


Today is Riley's 11th birthday.  Eleven.  ELEVEN?!! I'm not quite certain how that happened?  Because she was only just eight:  The Ides of March

Or, maybe nine: Nine

Well, I know ten was just yesterday: Double Digits

Yes, it's time once again for me to marvel at how quickly the time passes and how much my little girl is growing up.  She's arrived in full-on tweendom -- and we'll be shopping later today to mark the occasion accordingly.  Of course, the number one item on her list is an American Girl Doll, so I guess I cannot complain that she is too grown up just yet.  

One of my most favorite things about her is her kindness.  And watching her do the right thing, even when she doesn't know I'm watching.  Not long ago, we went to a movie and, after arriving home, realized that she had left her hat in the theater.  (This was the little brown bear hat with the pink rose on it which I'd gotten her for Christmas, and which makes me grin every time I watch her trot off to the bus stop sporting it, the little ears sort of flip flopping as she goes.)  In a panic, I called the theater and asked about the hat.  Sure enough, they had it.  And, conveniently enough, we were heading back that way for dinner.  So, we drove back by the theater, and I encouraged Riley to get out of the car and run in to retrieve the hat herself.  I wasn't certain she'd be okay with that, but I like to nudge her towards independence when I can.  She hopped out and trotted into the the theater.  (She trots a lot -- it's rather cute, actually.)  A few moments later, she emerged, hat in hand and then, as I watched with pride, stood there patiently holding the door for an older gentleman who was making his way slowly into the theater. I've seen her do the same thing at school on mornings when I drop her off.  I don't recall ever specifically teaching her about holding doors (perhaps others have), but it always makes me smile. It's nice to know I'm raising a child who does think of others and minds her manners even when she's not aware she's being observed. 

Again, while I'm happy to take a smidge of credit for that, mostly I know she is just as God made her. And I am so very blessed to be her mom. Happy Birthday, my sweet Riley Jayne!!