Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coffee on the Balcony

I rarely watch "regular" TV anymore.  I can't bring myself to "commit" to anything with an arcing story line -- life is too busy to schedule around a TV show, and I feel too guilty/stressed when I miss an episode, even in these days of DVR and On Demand capabilities.  It just feels like work. 

So, instead, when I do watch TV, if it isn't a sporting event, it's usually something like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or House Hunters.  In fact, HGTV is my go-to channel - I can always count on it to entertain, whether it's HH, Island Life, Property Brothers or Flip or Flop.  David and I have a running joke about one of THE most repeated lines on any of the above shows: Prospective buyer(s) will be scouting a new property and, if it features any sort of balcony or deck, one will inevitably say, "Oh, this would be GREAT! We can sit out here in the morning and enjoy our coffee!!!"  Okay, sometimes, they do mix it up and say "evening" and "wine,"  Either way, it's funny how predictable it is.  

Well, we don't have a balcony or deck, but we do have a patio, which is pleasantly shaded in the morning.  So this morning, though I'd initially intended to sleep in a bit, I am up and about -- already ran an errand or two, including picking up doughnuts.  And while it's still arguably pleasant outside, I am sitting right here, enjoying a Yellow Red Bull and a Maple Bacon Long John.  And it's lovely!