Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smiles from Thursday

The gloomy weather and my recalcitrant furnace are clearly conspiring to combat my happiness, but they're no match for my mule-headedness:
  • Having depositions go better today than I'd expected.
  • Learning my way around One Note -- it's an office supply/organizing freak's dream.
  • Making significant progress in planning out all my home improvement projects.  (Now if I could just win that small lottery...)
  • Seeing (hearing) some of the amazing talent that's made it through to AI's Top 24.  (Though very sorry to see sweet Jacee go.  He truly has the voice of an angel.)
  • Hearing Ryan Seacrest bust out with, "Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low..."
  • Catching the little flip kick Josh Flagg did while traipsing across the crosswalk behind his two blonde assistants on MDL.  (Words just can't do the maneuver justice, but I can't find a video clip of it...yet. Pic below will have to suffice.)
  • Coming to terms with my severe reality/Bravo TV addiction.
  • Looking over at my sleeping dog and seeing the look of contentment on his face.
  • Busting out a new font color for the blog tonight.

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