Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Smiles

I've been neglecting my Smile Duty somewhat lately.  It isn't that there haven't been any, but I think my brain is starting to show its age.  Like dream-memories that fade with each waking minute, my happy's have been too soon and easily forgotten.  I'd hate to think I'll have to start making hourly lists in order to compose my daily lists.  Recalling one's smiles ought not be a chore.  Anyway, today's:
  • Riley awaking and getting up on her own this morning.
  • Even though it appears to be on the fritz...AGAIN, the furnace is allowing me to "re-boot" it so that it will warm the house up before reverting to fritz-mode.
  • Pringle's incision seems to be healing well, and he's not trying to lick it too terribly much.
  • Celebrating the fact that two of my favorite people were born on this date.
  • Taco Night!
  • Watching American Idol with Riley and listening to her feedback on the various contestants (even if seeing Chris Medina go was heartbreaking).
  • Retweeting Fred Thompson -- the man makes me laugh!

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