Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Reasons

Sure would be easier to list the reasons Tuesday gave me not to smile.  But I'd hate to drive off all 12 of my "followers," so here are the smiles Tuesday brought me:
  • Auto body guy taking charge and getting my re-visit to the dealership all squared away for me.
  • Hopey's birthday lunch.
  • My car actually making its weird noise while the dealership tech was in the car with me.  (Yay - they don't think I'm crazy -- at least not with respect to the noise in my car.)
  • Flirty McFlirtinson.
  • Reading the comments of FB friends in response to my whine about being back at the dealership with the car.
  • Discovering it was voles, rather than aliens, who made the crop circles on my parents' lawn.
  • Crockpot Endeavor #2 = success!
  • Nyquil.
  • P.S.  Apparently falling asleep before properly posting the above.

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