Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smiles from a Long Winter's Weekend

  • Waking Saturday morning to find the latest "dusting" of snow was more like 3 inches and quite pretty.
  • Having brunch with Cari and Avery.
  • Getting shuttled up the driveway at Debbie's house.
  • Giggling with the girls at Sarah's shower.
  • Watching 'The Princess Bride' (again) through the eyes of two eight year olds.
  • Playing with a bunch of new apps on my iPhone.
  • Trying out another new appetizer recipe.
  • Enjoying the first half of the Super Bowl with the Cedarmill Crew.
  • Enjoying the second half of the Super Bowl (aside from the outcome) in my warm, comfy house.
  • Paging through the new crock pot cookbook Debbie gave to me, and receiving Riley's text: "If u find any good foods in there, COOK IT"
  • Riley's decision to put her blankie away in the drawer.

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