Monday, February 14, 2011


I woke up with a bad attitude today.  Hey - it happens.  Sometimes, no matter how hard one tries to focus on what one has, life and/or the calendar seem determined to remind one of what one hasn't.  To that, I say, "Thhhhhhppppptttttt!!!"  I found some smiles today anyway:
  • Reminiscing about a crazy old case I tried years ago.
  • Taking the high road.
  • Receiving the right Valentine's Day wish at the right moment.
  • Walking to lunch without a coat.
  • Getting my baby back - 4 weeks and 6 days post-off-road-adventure.
  • Picking out a couple more fun shades of nail polish for me.
  • Picking out a valentine for my girl.
  • Watching Brad continue to make good choices on The Bachelor.

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