Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Several Days' Worth

The weekend was chock-full of fun and Monday got away from me, so I saved up several days' worth of smiles for this entry.  (I'd like to pretend that was all calculated, but no -- it was just me being lazy and forgetful.) Some of the highlights:

  • Saw a herd of deer early in the morning on my way to pick up Riley on Friday...
  • Followed by a pretty red fox on our way back home.
  • Won a HUGE Motion Friday morning; very proud of that one!
  • My ode to my very own Opossum Slayer and the wonderful sketch my friend Katie worked up to go along with it came together just in time to welcome him home from his week of hunting.
  • Enjoyed a nice dinner at a new place (including my favorite - fried artichoke hearts) with the beau, followed by a cute/funny movie with him and his kiddos.
  • Got to host a visit with my dear friend Michelle again.
  • Our Saturday evening at Massa's was highlighted by the cast of Jersey Shore - the Wedding Episode showing up and entertaining us with their questionable fashion statements and "The Sitch's" decision to remove his shirt.
  • Something about seat-warmers and flipping switches.
  • Sunday lunch was a divine visit back to Crown Candy Kitchen, complete with a Heart-Stopping BLT & chocolate shake.
  • Followed by some shopping along Main Street in St. Charles - including the purchase of a really cute (and inexpensive!) bracelet.
  • Followed by several nice glasses of wine at Winery of the Little Hills with Michelle and David.
  • My first attempt at BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf was a success -- quite yummy!
  • Giggled myself silly recording Gillespie last night.
  • Yesterday and today were warm and sunny. 
And that's quite a lot for just a few days.  :)

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