Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Test of Tuesday

As much as I find Mondays suspect, I started noticing about a year or two ago that Tuesdays seemed to be angling to become "The New Monday."  It was actually my friend Michelle who first alerted me to this phenomenon. Sure as shootin', I've noticed it more and more.  In fact, Tuesdays often top Mondays in their cruddiness these days.  Today was no exception to that.  It was cold and rainy and dreary. I developed a very untimely bout of writer's block, just as I was attempting to complete several different key pleadings.  And my sad pre-fabbed, frozen sorry excuse for a lunch was gnarly.  

That said, I stumbled across this very timely reminder:

Yes. There is. So, with that said, I mustered up a few smiles to share:
  • At least it wasn't snowing here like it was in southern Colorado today....

  • I finished a Motion that had been nagging at me.
  • Got to watch Riley and her acting class perform the scenes they won't be performing at their Showcase in a couple weeks.  They were very cute.  And, though I voiced (to her Dad) my concern at just how skilled Riley seemed to be with the snotty attitude two of her characters called for, I loved watching her perform. She's actually quite good!
  • I'm getting to enjoy a semi-relaxing evening at home. 
  • While I discovered I may have been mistaken in my assertion that Lee Meriwether was a Tri-Delt, I discovered that Megyn Kelly actually was. (Not that I'm surprised by this.)
  • It's only three days until Friday. 

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