Monday, April 22, 2013

Even Mondays Can Bring Some Smiles

Like most, I'm not a big fan of Mondays. That whole getting back to "real life" after a couple days of fun and relaxation is always a challenge.  Even when the weekend consists largely of working around the house and/or running errands, it still seems like a mini-vacation, and Monday, the bucket of cold water in the face.  Still, there are reasons to smile.  You just have to remember to look for them:
  • I asked Riley to pick out one recipe from my new cookbook for me to fix when she's with me next -- she went straight for the Bacon Wrapped Barbecued Meatloaf. Kid has good taste!
  • It was sunny and warm today.  It may seem like I'm stating the obvious, but given the climatological roller coaster ride we've been on of late, I'll take it.  And smile about it!
  • When my trusty high-tech recording device failed to work properly during my recorded interview of a witness this morning, I pulled out my old on-its-last-legs iPhone and it did the trick.
  • David got a turkey on his first time turkey hunting/first day out:
  • My big sis was honored by Parkway tonight as the Teacher of the Year for her school.  So proud of her!!
  • Oh! And Lizzie got her braces off!  :) 

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