Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Weekend's Smiles

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but the weekend brought with it quite a few reasons to smile. Given the week that preceded it, they were more than welcome:

  • The clouds finally gave way to sunshine.
  • Had a great time Friday night out with the girls and very much appreciate the fact that several of those friendships go back 30+ years. 
  • Watching my Twitter timeline as news that Boston Bomber number two had been cornered and eventually apprehended rolled in. 
  • Enjoying a yummy brunch at FirstWatch with David. 
  • Followed by a nice long walk on a beautiful day.
  • The trees were in bloom:

  • We found a nice place to sit and enjoy the day:

  • And we saw a tortoise...

 ...and a hare!

  • Later, Riley and I got her room rearranged -- she removed and sorted through all of her books, toys and assorted odds and ends before putting them back, and I moved the furniture around. (Aside from the heavy lifting, I actually got the better end of that deal.)
  • Overhearing Riley humming "Low Rider" this morning. 
  • Surviving a trip to Walmart on Sunday. 
  • Went for a run, even though I didn't really feel like it.
  • Making an observable -- if small -- dent in the yard work, and my ToDo List.
  • Knowing that next weekend is only 5 days away.

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