Monday, January 31, 2011

Smiles from Monday

Strange day today, what with Snowmageddon bearing down on us.  Still, a few smiles made a welcome appearance:
  • Walking into Court this morning fully prepared and ready to do battle with a formidable opponent -- who, after debating the merits of our respective positions with me, opted to postpone the hearing.
  • Recalling a December day of generator hunting with one of my favorite people four years ago.
  • Hearing that my best friend started her day off with some encouragingly flirty texts.
  • Spoiling myself with some goodies from Office Depot so I can spend my anticipated snow day getting all organizy.
  • Multi-colored Sharpies.
  • Hearing about how sweet and thoughtful my kiddo is.
  • The quiet of the night when I walked outside a little while ago. 

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