Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday's Smiles

See?  I'm already falling down on the job.  Way too tired last night when we got home to pen another installment.  But there were reasons to smile yesterday, too, so add them, I must:

  • Riley's phone call yesterday morning asking about sledding with her cousin, Elizabeth, on Art Hill - I told her to call her Aunt Julie to ask, and she did.  I love that she's old enough now to make her own calls - and that she's not shy about doing so.
  • An unexpected text from a friend.
  • Brewhouse bacon cheeseburger - with A1 sauce.
  • Very kind words of encouragement about my writing from my friends.
  • Knowing what my next substantive blog topic will be.
  • Hour long trigger point massage.  Actually - that may have made me wince more than it made me smile.  Still, it was nice.
  • Riley and Elizabeth all bundled up like Ninjas, getting ready to sled.
  • Manicures and dinner at Chevy's with Julie and Di, while Mike took Riley, Elizabeth and friends sledding.
  • The fact that my brother-in-law is the kind of guy who's willing to take four girls sledding on Art Hill on a Friday night, when it's FREEZING cold.

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