Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kleenex: Tornado Proof!

Those who know me won't be shocked to learn that the Kleenex I first noticed had dropped onto my driveway out of my car a couple days ago remained there as of yesterday morning.  I kept forgetting about it until I was already in my car heading out on this errand or that.  And so there it lay, crumpled, forelorn, begging to be scooped up and deposited in the proper trash receptacle.

And all but forgotten in the excitement that was New Year's Eve meets Twister.  The Ballwin edition of the tornado hopped, skipped and jumped its way from the golf course through my parents' subdivision, but spared my house (just down the road) all but some knocked down limbs and a couple of destroyed furnace filters I'd unwisely stored out in the carport to keep them safe from Hurricane.  (That's my cat, by the way.  Not another face of Mother Nature.  He has a furnace filter fetish.  He attacks them viciously wherever I stash them.  So I've taken to tucking them behind the trash can outside.)  

As Riley and I left to meet the family for brunch this morning, I noted that our Christmas reindeer were slightly askew, as well, compliments of yesterday's mayhem.  When we returned, I walked out to set them straight and noticed the oddest thing:  There, on the ground, quite close to the buffeted reindeer, lay the Kleenex.  Utterly undisturbed.  

There are several large limbs strewn about my yard.  My reindeer (which were fastened into the ground with metal stakes, mind you), were knocked sideways.  But that darn Kleenex held its ground!  Naturally, I had to take a picture.  And I opted to leave it there for the time being -- a monument of sorts. 

Now I know -- if you're ever caught out in a tornado, lay down in a ditch.  And cover yourself with a Kleenex. 

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