Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Overdue Smiles

I've been a bit lax with this. I'd blame it on my laziness, but honestly, finding smiles has been rather...challenging the past week or two.  The "when it rains, it pours" phenomenon has been vying with the "it's always something" truism to see which was the more accurate fit.  Thankfully, however, that changed yesterday, and I found quite a few reasons to smile: 

  • Installation of the brand new, shiny, spiffy and fully operational furnace was completed - we have heat without space heaters for the first time in two weeks!
  • Riley was feeling better and it was confirmed she does not have strep.
  • The vet called with Pringle's blood tests and all checked out normal - we're still going to monitor his fluid intake, but it doesn't appear to be anything dire.
  • Sent out the requisite letters for a very important opportunity.
  • Found a great hotel room in DuPont Circle for the first night of CPAC* for $80 compliments of William Shatner, Priceline, and a phenomenal tutorial. ;) 
  • Worked up the nerve to apply for Bloggers' Credentials for CPAC.....and received them!
  • Got to spend some quality time with Riley watching American Idol.
  • Got to catch up with an old friend who always makes me smile. 
  • Today, as I was dropping Riley off at school, I reminded her to cross in front of the bus that was stopped ahead of us and to the right.  The bus pulled away as she was exiting the car, but she still - without prompting from me -  walked all the way up to the cross-walk and looked both ways before crossing, even though she had clearance to cut across the bus lane. This may seem like a small thing - but I love that her instinct is follow the rules and be safe. It gives me hope that we'll survive her teen years after all. :)
All in all, a decent couple of days.  I'll take 'em! :)

*Conservative Political Action Conference - two weeks from now in Washington D.C. I'm beyond excited to go!

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