Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slacker's Diary/The Weekend's Smiles

So, now that I'm officially signed up for the Go! St. Louis half marathon on April 15th, I suppose it's incumbent upon me to, well, you know, actually start running again. And not just once every couple of weeks.  Churned out a whopping 1.25 miles today.  Should be no problem to train up to 13.1 in....11 weeks, right?!  Yeah, sure. Piece.Of. Cake! 

The fact that I actually did drag my sorry butt out on a run today is cause for a smile.  Here are some others from this weekend:

  • Had a lovely time with my Indy friends on Friday evening.  Downtown Indy is done up right in anticipation of the Super Bowl. The hotel I stayed in was super nice. The Cigar Bar served Build-A-Burgers. And the company was delightful, as always. 
  • Happy to know one of the Power Ball tickets I bought for my friends was a winner.  Maybe not a big winner, but a winner nonetheless. 
  • Also had fun at Claymont Trivia Night last night, even though we didn't win.  Darn food questions.  And bodies of water!
  • Finished another blog this morning.
  • Finally made it to church today. Appreciated the message, even if it did feel a bit like getting smacked upside the head. 
  • Was a nice, sunny, almost-warmish day here today. 
  • Spent a lazy afternoon/evening watching TV and playing on Twitter without feeling guilty house is actually so neat it didn't take long to get it back into acceptable shape.  
  • My house is nice and comfy and warm right now.

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