Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Return to the Smiles

So, as I alluded in my previous entry, I've developed a split personality in order to satisfy my need to write of stuff both fluffy and non.  Now that I've gotten some non-fluff out of my system, it's only fitting that I churn out some more fluff. I haven't had any great lawnmower adventures of late, but I have, in fact, had some reasons to smile:

  • We finally got Riley's room painted and put back together, mostly
  • The pool is open and I am enjoying my summer
  • Softball season is in full swing, and the Diamonds are still awesome
  • I get to go to the Cubs/Cards game on Saturday
  • I just played a word I pulled out of thin air for 72 points earlier tonight
  • I took the high road and stayed true to myself
  • I'm blogging/writing again - and people are actually bothering to read
  • I have some amazingly wonderful old friends and some pretty cool new ones, too

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