Monday, November 4, 2013

Did You Seriously Just Create Your Own Facebook Page?!

Conversation I had with myself yesterday:

Me: "I really feel like I need to have two separate blogs, but I wish there were a way to better integrate them."

Me2: "What if you created a Facebook page where you could post both?"

Me: "Like an actual page, page?  Like for companies or brands or celebrities?!"

Me2: "Sure.  Why not?"

Me: "But I'm not a celebrity. And treating 'SmoosieQ' as a brand seems so, so..."

Me2: "Savvy from a marketing/publicity/increased readership standpoint?"

Me: "Tacky. And narcissistic."

Me2: "You do realize you write about yourself, your life, your opinions, all the time -- and that you publish your writing hoping others will read it, right?"

Me: "You have a point."

So that's how I ended up with a separate Facebook page serving as a place to aggregate my blogs.  And hopefully radio archives/links.  And this is my self-conscious way of thanking those who've been kind enough to click "Like" in response to my invitation to do so.  

I figure other bloggers whom I admire do it.  It seems to be a marginally acceptable method of self-promotion. So...I'll give it a try, at least.  Although now I feel some added pressure to regularly produce quality writing.  Which might not be a bad thing.  I guess we'll see.  Anyway, thank you for *Liking* my page. I hope not to disappoint!

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