Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday is Reason Enough

I decided not to wait another full week to share my smiles.  There have been enough in the past few days.  Besides, that it's Thursday (and therefore, almost Friday) is reason enough.  So - the most recent smile-prompters:

  • I was really pleased with the way this week's Gillespie turned out.
  • I got a new, upgraded iPhone - for free!
  • Riley and I got to have dinner with my folks - and Mom fixed "THE chicken breasts." 
  • Had a nice lunch with David at Jason's Deli yesterday.
  • My Mother's Day flowers are still alive.
  • I've been able to sleep with the windows open the past few nights. 
  • Josh and I got to interview singer/songwriter Derek Webb today -- a great interview -- and next Tuesday's show is already in the can.
  • I finally wrote a new post for my political blog.
  • Got an unexpected invite to today's ballgame. Even though the Cards didn't take the opportunity to sweep the Pond, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and the perfect way to spend a couple late Spring afternoon hours.
  • My latest culinary endeavor - "King Ranch Chicken" - turned out to be pretty tasty.  :)

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