Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Week's Worth

Well, here it is, Sunday night again. Guess who's been blog-slacking?  It's terrible. The only thing I can say in my defense is I've been quite busy. And mostly in a good way. the smiles:

  • Riley had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony this week - she's moving on to Cadettes!
  • Her acting performance for the Stages Showcase on Thursday was quite good - even if far too brief.
  • Was very sweet to see a segment of the Showcase dedicated to special needs kids.
  • Had a wonderful "staycation" in STL this weekend with my beau. 
  • In one of the strangest coincidences I've ever heard of, the two framed photos hanging in the room at the Ballpark Hilton were of the homes my grandparents owned on Portland and Westmoreland Place -- how those two particular photos wound up together in my hotel room, I'm not quite sure I'll ever understand.  Still, it was rather a nice reminder of Grandma and Paw-Paw Moore. 
  • Dinner and the Cards game with David, Julie and Mike was lots of fun - even the part where the three of them moved to another section while I was in the restroom just to mess with me. (Yes, I'm plotting my revenge. ;) )
  • There was a dude seated in the row in front of us who truly looked like he could be the love child of Fingers Malloy and John Brodigan.
  • We got to see Shelby Miller pitch a one-hitter.
  • I got a cool new Cardinals jacket.  
  • Our shopping trip to Main Street in St. Charles on Saturday yielded some yummy "Float Trip Pickles" and assorted other goodies from one of my favorite stores - The Olde Town Spice Shoppe - along with Mother's Day gifts for my Mom. 
  • During the walk we took down to the river and Frontier Park, we spied a wedding party being photographed -- and noticed the bridesmaids - and bride! - were all wearing cowboy boots. 
  • Our little impromptu BBQ at home last night was quite tasty. And I now know how to microwave corn on the cob.
  • I taught David how to play Canasta.  And he beat me!
  • Brunch at Mike and Julie's today was nice -- we had a beautiful day for it, and I'm grateful I got to celebrate a happy Mother's Day with both my Mom and Riley. 
  • I got both the front and back yards mowed today (as the nine lawn bags lined up at the curb can attest.) 
  • We had sunshine yesterday and today. 
  • I got to spend much of my time this week and weekend with my love. 
  • I am now capping off my weekend by enjoying a Haagen Dazs salted caramel ice cream bar.


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