Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upside Down

This is probably a bad idea, but at the moment I'm feeling "inspired" to write of frown-inducers rather than smiles.  Meh - if it's a terrible downer, I can always delete it.  My apologies in advance to anyone hoping for a more smiley sort of entry:
  • Head's been pounding most of the day
  • Have a bad case of writer's block
  • Spent way too much time noodling around on line today
  • House is only semi-clean
  • Pasta I fixed tonight was quite mediocre
  • Back to work tomorrow, with much to do
  • Received the EOB from my late night St. Mary's run for chin stitches:  $700 more I'll be responsible for when the bill is issued -- gotta meet that deductible!
  • Miss my girl

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