Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday and Its Smiles

It's been awhile since I've blog-o-smiled.  Not that there haven't been smiles in recent weeks.  There have.  They were just temporarily eclipsed by the worry wrinkles furrowing my brow.  The past couple of days have allowed me to catch my breath and relax a bit, though, so I suppose some smile acknowledgment is now in order:
  • It's Spring
  • My bedroom window is open
  • I'm quite comfortable barefoot and in shorts
  • My toes are painted the most Easter Eggy shade of blue
  • I ran this morning
  • Received several unexpected compliments on my writing today
  • Went back and read some of my old political blogs and realized I do sometimes have something to say
  • My Twitter and Facebook are now consistently on speaking terms
  • Josh Flagg, Grandma Edith and Mama Elsa -- Bravo's got it goin' on
  • Walking to get dinner tonight with Riley, and listening to her recount her adventures from earlier today
  • The fact that my child may be the only one on the planet who's ever asked, "When can we go to the dentist?"
  • I get to go to Chicago with three of my favorite people in the world
  • And then Austin in another two weeks

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