Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday Smiles

Just a smattering here and there, but I'll take them where I can get them!
  • Hurricane and Stormy as Twinkies.
  • Finally succeeding and bending Microsoft Outlook to my will.  Sort of.
  • Being reminded of what true friendship means.
  • Lunch with my co-workers today -- where else can you discuss severed digits, the appearance of genitalia as evidence of God's sense of humor, the making of God in one's own image and then declaring who He hates, all before the food even arrives?
  • Making progress with trial preparation -- slowly, but surely.
  • J-Lo on Lowenstern: "All that hair tossing is more than me and Beyonce put together in the past 10 years!"
  • James Durbin, Jacob Lusk...amazing talent in the AI guys this season.
  • Lea Black laying the smackdown on Christy Rice on WWHL.  (That will make zero sense to anyone who's not a Bravo/Real Housewives addict like I've become, but dang that was a thing of beauty! Who crashes a charity event?)

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