Sunday, October 6, 2013

There Are Always Reasons to Smile

Lately, my "fluffy bunny blog" posts have all been centered around my adventures in Breast Cancer Land. But, much to my surprise, neither the world nor your own life stop upon receiving such a diagnosis.  In fact, most things go on pretty much as usual. People are just extra nice to you. Which is a wonderful reminder of how much of a blessing family and friends truly are. Even in the midst of, well, okay, I'll acknowledge it, rather cruddy news, I've still been given so many reasons to smile lately. And I want to get back to writing about them, too.  For instance,

  • Parkway West won their first varsity football game in two or three years last Friday - was so neat to see how excited the kids were, especially since it was Homecoming.
  • Got to see some dear friends and hear some great speakers at last weekend's CPAC - especially enjoyed our lunch and then drinks later that evening.
  • Dinner with my beau that same evening - I know it's corny, but I just enjoy his company so.
  • Our long walk and lunch the next day, followed by watching Holly's soccer game.
  • Got my office (at work) cleaned and mostly organized - this was much needed!
  • Probably a silly little thing, but I've really been having fun lately with Instagram -- taking and posting photos to it and viewing those posted by friends. It's simpler and more low-key than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Another trivia night this past Friday - even though the questions were on the tough side, still had a great time with David and some of the other soccer parents from Emma's team.
  • Last night, bowling and laser tag with David, Emma and Riley - had so much fun, including the part where we all danced to "YMCA" - followed by board games at David's house - who knew they actually made a game out of "Awkward Family Photos"!?! 
  • The Tigers, Blues and Rams all won this weekend. (The Cardinals need to wake up!)
  • Emma's soccer game today - yes it was cold and windy, but we managed to stay mostly warm, and her team played great!
  • My family and friends have been so great - so supportive and intent on letting me know they're there and praying. 
  • My daughter. She's such a sweet kiddo anyway, but she's been making extra efforts lately to be helpful -- cleaning and organizing her room and helping out with other chores around the house, helping me out when we go grocery shopping. We've gotten to spend some extra time together the past week or two, and she regularly makes me laugh, whether it's joking about "wheatzas" (pizzas on wheat dough) or "nazis" (knots) in her hair. I'm so lucky to be her Momma. 
Anyway, the thing is, I am once again reminded just how very blessed and lucky I am. Thank you. 

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