Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diary of a Slacker - Update

I haven't been as committed to writing about my adventures in training as I'd hoped to be.  Mostly, it's because I've been lazy about it.  Then, too, there's the realization that one can only make training run after training run sound so exciting.  I abhor the thought of boring anyone who's actually kind enough to take the time to read my stuff.  But...I do have to admit I'm a little bit proud of myself for the run today:  I really wasn't feeling it.  Tired, a little bit down, and it was cloudy and damp out.  What I really wanted to do was take a nap.  

Thing is, the race is in five weeks.  I can't really hide from that anymore.  Nor can I hide from the fact that my training has been way less than ideal.  But I do know, having run a half several times previously, that if I can train up to eight miles, or so, I'll be able to limp along through 13.1 on race day.  Oh, I'll be walking a fair amount of it, no doubt. But I should be able to finish. And that's the primary goal -- for this first race, at least.  I'll set the bar a bit higher for the one in the Fall -- like, maybe 10 minute miles. That's not so crazy, I don't think.  

Anyway, point is, though I really didn't feel like running today, I made myself do it anyway.  And this, even though it started raining in earnest just as I was headed out.  In hindsight, it would have been wise(ish) of me to wear a ball cap or visor.  Because eventually, my glasses became problematic.  And once I took them off, my residual eye makeup became even more problematic.  It's kind of difficult to run when your eyes are stinging like mad.  

Funny thing about all the "adversity," though.  It kind of ticked me off and made me more determined to keep running.  So, I squeaked out a just-under five mile run, and did so in just over 54 minutes.  Had to walk a bit here and there.  But it made me feel a little bit more like I can actually do this.  And that's a good bit of the battle right there.  Or....that's what I tell myself anyway...

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