Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sunrise, Sunset

We've very much enjoyed The Muny this summer.  Have seen some great shows, including last week's Fiddler on the Roof.  It had been years since I'd seen it last, but I recalled the way "Sunrise, Sunset" tugged on my heart strings, even when I was young and identified more with the subject of the song than the singer.  I did my best not to look over at Riley pointedly during its rendition, though I may have slipped her a sideways glance or two.  I'm not certain she noticed.  Sentimental moms aren't high on the priority list when you're fourteen.  

She starts high school next week, but today is "Transition Day" for incoming Freshman.  Basically, they get a "walk-through" and a chance to experience an abbreviated day of school to get the hang of their schedule and where their classes are.  Though it's not officially the "First Day of School," I suggested taking her picture before we left the house.  "NO," she said firmly.  I get it - I'm not ready for school to start either. I can enable her denial for a few more days.  

Still, as we pulled up to school, and she hopped out of the car with a quick goodbye, the bittersweet strains of "Sunrise, Sunset," whispered through my sentimental mom brain.  Is this the little girl I carried...into school and pried off my leg with the assistance of her Kindergarten teacher and the kindly school counselor or principal on a regular basis?  No, it isn't - not anymore.  Oh, she occasionally still peers out of the young woman's eyes; every once in awhile, I hear her sweet sing-songy voice beneath the teen's intonations.  But that little girl now resides primarily in my bittersweet memories. 

And in First Day of School pics.  :)


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