Monday, January 6, 2014

It's 2014, Isn't It?

I don't know about the rest of you, but the past few weeks just raced past me in a blur. A mostly good and happy blur, but a blur, nonetheless. And it occurs to me I've written about exactly zero of it, which isn't such a good thing for one who aspires to be a blogger worthy of the title.  

It's late, and I'm somewhat tired, and therefore not going to even attempt profundity. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on it all and memorialize it here. So, to that end: 

Football: I'm watching the BCS Championship game at present, and FSU is threatening to break Auburn's heart. What a roller coaster college football has been of late. While Auburn surprised the heck out of Alabama and the rest of the country in that amazing missed-field-goal-run-back, I can't claim their win over Mizzou in the SEC Championship game shocked me or broke my heart. Oh sure, it disappointed me -- I was really hoping to see a Tiger (of the Mizzou variety) win. And I'm proud of Mizzou for hanging in there as long as they did. More importantly, I'm proud of their win the other night in the Cotton Bowl. That was a looooooongg game, but what a fantastic outcome! Pro football has left quite a bit to be desired for me this year, but I can't recall a set of late season and college bowl games I've enjoyed watching more. In other news, only 37 days 'til Cardinals pitchers and catchers report....

Breast Cancer: I'll write more on this in a separate piece, but am realizing I'm truly in the home stretch -- only 6 more treatments to go. The first week or two seemed to drag, but these last couple have flown by -- probably with an assist from the holidays.  Whatever the reason, I'm thankful for it -- and for all those who've said a prayer for and/or reached out to me to encourage me. That has meant so much to me through these past couple months. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. My skin is somewhat irritated in the area that gets zapped -- it's quite similar to a sunburn -- and I do get tired a lot more easily.  But I'm doing okay, and feel lucky that this is all I'm having to endure. 

Q with a View: I'm excited to start a new chapter in my radio "career." Though I'll truly miss having Josh Gillespie at the helm on Tuesday nights, I'm looking forward to trying my own hand at it -- and extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to do so. My friends at FTR Radio have been so good to me -- I hope I'll prove their trust in me well-placed!

Holidays: This year, they were nigh on perfect. I enjoyed the time I spent with friends and family so much.  I had decorations up and presents purchased and wrapped way ahead of time -- which is unheard of for me, but was hugely satisfying. It honestly helped me relax and enjoy the holidays more fully.  I ate too much, received some wonderful gifts, had lots of fun and found time to kick back and be lazy. And sharing it all with David this year made it extra sweet. 

Resolutions: There are so many I could have made, and plenty from years past that I hope to carry forward. But I decided to keep it very simple this year and just make one very tangible resolution: No more texting/emailing/social mediaing while driving. I'm bad about that. I know it and I know it needs to change.  I have a hands free device, so I can talk on the phone with minimal distraction. And both reading and responding are permitted while/if the car is stopped -- e.g., at a light. But no more of it while the car is in motion. So far, I've only caught myself twice -- and both times, I immediately set the phone back down and mentally smacked my hand. I can do this!

As I look back on 2013, I have to acknowledge that, despite a number of hiccups, it was a pretty darn good year. I'm looking forward to 2014 being an even better one!  

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