Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Little Christmas

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light. From now on your troubles will be out of sight."

Every morning when I go in for my radiation treatment, they have music playing. It's been an eclectic mix - from Sinatra to Dave Matthews to Christmas music. Yesterday, as I settled in for my daily zapping, I was greeted with the above refrain.  And I found it unexpectedly reassuring.

In years past, when I heard it -- if I gave it much thought at all -- it made me feel sad and wistful. It felt like an empty promise. Or, at least, an unfulfilled one.  

Not this year.  Oh, it's had its share of troubles -- more than its share, some would say. And I'm not naive enough to think there will never be more. But they don't overwhelm me and weigh my heart down the way they once did.  

And for the first time in a very long time, I am indeed having myself a merry little Christmas.  I hope you are, as well. 

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