Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would You Slay a Dragon?

So there's this phenomenon my single lady friends and I have been noticing with increasing frequency of late.  And I'm trying to figure it out.  Girl meets boy and they hit it off.  Not just in the "This is pleasant" sense.  But in the, "Wow!" sense. There's a connection -- a spark.  Something that, at a minimum, warrants a second encounter.  Her number is requested and entered into his handy smartphone.  She might even get a text or two.  And then...nothing. 

No follow-through.  No nothing.  And she thinks to herself, "Was it something I said? Something I did? Did I have spinach in my teeth? Am I too fat? Too old? Too...."  Oh, she also wonders what might be wrong with him -- maybe he has a girlfriend, or he lost his phone, or he was abducted by aliens....  But mostly, she questions how she managed to read the signs all wrong. 

She knows about "The Rules."  She's seen "He's Just Not That into You."  She gets the way it works.  She knows not to give chase -- to let him be the pursuer.  And pursue he did.  Momentarily.  He told her how amazing she looked.  Maybe took her for a spin on the dance floor.  Talked of what a great time they'd have when they next went out.  Made sure to get her number.  And vanished into thin air.

As a friend and I discussed this phenomenon the other day, we speculated as to the root cause -- surely it can't just be a game.  Maybe it's romantic ADD?  An inability to stay focused.  Maybe it's just ambivalence.  Maybe it's fear of taking a chance. 

Whatever it is, my friend has resolved not to dole out her digits again without first extracting a promise that he be willing to text her a brief explanation if he opts not to follow through.  You may think that somewhat extreme.  I think it holds some merit. 

In fact, I've decided to up the ante if I'm ever again faced with the proposition:  Good Sir, you may not have my number unless you're willing to slay a dragon for me.  For if you are not, then why even bother? Don't prolong the charade. Don't clutter up your address book with me.  Just tip your hat and bid me farewell. :)

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  1. Love that. Why waste your valuable time and emotions if he isn't interested in dragon slaying to win the hand of fair maid?