Monday, February 15, 2010

An Embarrassment of Britches

I guess I'll start this one out with what's becoming standard: A disclaimer. No, this isn't about a wardrobe malfunction. My life has been blessedly free of those of late. It was sparked by an article I read last week from the UK, discussing the fact that the average woman hoards an inordinate amount of clothing she can no longer fit into.

Guilty as charged. Although, at present, it's not so much clothing I can no longer fit into as much as it's clothing that, for one reason or another, I simply don't wear anymore. But whether it's a matter of fit or style, the embarrassing truth of the matter is that I may even be worse than the average Jo.

Before I could muster the courage to confess my own sartorial excess, however, I had to know if others on this side of the pond were kindred clothes horses. So...I conducted an informal survey on Facebook, starting with shoes, then adding on pants. (Okay, I'll admit it -- I was just going to go with the shoes, but "britches" worked better with the title that came to me, so I branched out.)

I have the loveliest FB friends. I won't name names, but though some of my generous responders are positively saintly in their restraint, I'm relieved to know that I'm far from alone in this. And since they were kind enough to bare their closets to me, it's time for me to come clean: Shoes? About 100 pair. Pants? About...*gulp* 60. (Not even counting several pair of track pants, pajama pants and the partners to all my suit jackets.) And of those? There are probably 10 of each I wear regularly.

So, now you know. My name is Susie, and I'm addicted to apparel and accessories. (And maybe alliteration.) They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. I don't know if what I've revealed truly qualifies as a "problem," but it certainly qualifies as a space hog. And while those Space Saver bags positively fascinate me, I don't believe they'd constitute adequate penance. So, in recognition of my excess, and in anticipation of the Spring I'm certain is just around the corner, I am hereby pledging to clean out my closets -- yes, I said "closets," plural -- ridding them of at least 50 pairs of shoes, and 30 pairs of pants within the next 30 days. Those in suitable condition will be donated to Good Will (or another worthy charity -- I'm open to suggestions).

I invite my fellow thread hoarders to join me. Come on - it's for a good cause! (And our closets/dressers/under-the-bed-boxes will heave a collective sigh of relief.)


  1. One of the bonuses of having moved so much in the past couple years is that I have cleaned my closets out for the most part - however, I do still have plently of things that don't fit for one reason or another...

  2. Susie, remember there are organizations that take business-type apparel for needy women for job interviews, etc. I cannot remember the name, but there are a lot of them. Battered women's shelters love them too for the same reason. Shoes....what size do you wear? and are there cute flipslops? What is shipping from MO to CO? ;D

  3. Hi Suz. I wonder if you realize how brillantly you write. Your blogs are a pleasure to read. Thank you for that. Anyway, I am thankful that my size has stayed the same for years, so everything I own fits. However, I do own a freakish amount of clothes, especially since I no longer dress up for work. My shoes are my friends and I have a huge amount, and cannot part with any of them. I love them all. I regularly go thru my closets to throw out anything I am sick of. My problem is that I have a huge amount of clothes that have made the cut - still a problem! Also, donate your clothes and shoes to The Scholar Shop on Clayton Rd. They do a fabulous itemized receipt so you will get a great tax credit. Bruce's accountant said it's the only place to take stuf for the best tax credit. P.S. - I hope you realize that you are one of the very rare few wonem our age whose clotes don't fit cuz THEY"RE TOO BIG for your skinny self! You always look amazing!!!